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Looking for an IT company offering cost effective IT solutions? Need help with your antivirus and security solutions? Want to grow your small business?

Look no further, e-mpower.IT are based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and have almost 20 years’ experience in providing Managed IT Services and IT Support for growing small to medium sized businesses. We offer a range of services from antivirus and quality security solutions to remote PC support, from setting you up with the Cloud and Office 365 to providing a range of backup solutions and monitoring packages in addition to sorting out your IT problems.

Whatever your IT needs, E-mpower.IT can help your small business flourish whilst embracing new technology. Our aim is to provide IT support and guidance in a friendly way with less focus on the ‘techie speak’ and more focus on customer service. You’ll  have the benefits of an IT Department but without the cost implications of having one on-site.

We see ourselves as a solid IT partner with the IT experience and desire to help you achieve your goals and the flexibility to offer tailored IT support to suit your business in Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas of Sussex including: Brighton, Haywards Heath, Lewes and Crawley, but operating throughout the South East in general.

So if you are looking for good quality IT Support, speak to us today – It’s not what we do, it’s the way we do it!

IT Support Burgess Hill and South East England
System Security In Burgess Hill and South East England

System Security

Every day businesses are attacked by Malware which covers a range of malicious software that can seriously damage your business including: viruses, worms, Trojans and Ransomware such as Cryptolocker. They can All have a devastating effect on your business which means the need to protect your devices and data against malware has now become a necessity. The risks of having poor security are high; many businesses do not recover from a Malware attack. Some businesses are forced into paying the ransom –  often thousands of pounds – to the cyber criminals in the hope of unlocking their files. Not only is this very costly but they often never receive the “unlock” key.

Ensure you have the right protection in place for your business, if you are based in Burgess Hill, Sussex or the surrounding areas, e-mpower.IT can help improve your security, thereby lowering the risk to your business.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Many companies forget to ensure suitable backup provisions and disaster recovery plans are in place, and of those that do backup a massive 48% fail to backup their data once a day. Even so, there are lots of businesses who don’t always know how often they backup their data and whether the data is actually retrievable once backed up. This poses a major risk in that if something did happen like a natural disaster, e.g. fire or flood damage, or a human disaster – malicious or accidental; your business and your data may not be safe. In fact 43% of companies never reopen after a disaster. Key questions to think about are: when do I backup? how often am I backing up? and how quickly does it take for me to retrieve my backed up data?

If you are Burgess Hill based, in the Sussex area or further afield in Kent and Surrey, e-mpower.IT can help protect your business. We can implement a suitable disaster recovery plan and ensure you have the relevant backup in place to safeguard your business.

Did you know Storm Katie in March 2016, left over 200,000 properties without power and winds of up to 106 mph caused unforeseen damage? Ensure you have the right provisions in place for backup and disaster recovery today, remember, disaster can strike at any time – there is no warning.

Backup Services In Burgess Hill and South East England

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