System Security

With number of cyber attacks on businesses increasing on a daily basis, in addition to natural disasters or human error – accidental or malicious. The need to protect your system security has never been greater. What would happen if you lost client records, contact details or even your database? How would your business function? It’s time to ensure your files and data are kept safe and secure. It’s time to ensure your system security is tight and that you have the right security measures in place, don’t take the risk. 

Image of a security padlock on an ipad

Types of Antivirus

Many think you can only get malware by downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software and visiting the wrong websites, true, but you can also get viruses by visiting websites you trust that have been compromised. This is becoming an ever increasing problem. Stop your PC’s from getting infected; install Panda, a high quality, effective security solution, choose from:

  • Endpoint Protection Plus – antivirus for workstations and Exchange servers. Manage the security of your corporate network from the cloud, wherever you are. This antivirus provides centralised protection for your business.


  • Adaptive Defense 360 – The very latest and first ever cyber-security solution. Offering advanced protection technology with the ability to classify all running processes. The detection and response service only allows legitimate programs to run. Your software is monitored and classified to ensure we discover and stop all malware in your systems.


Encryption – It’s definition, the process that allows data to be passed from one place to another without any unauthorised person being able to read it. In simple terms, any data that the sender considers to be of a sensitive nature, and that should not be read by an unauthorised party should be encrypted.



A firewall acts as defense for a local computer or a whole data network against viruses and other malware programmes such as worms and Trojans as well as brute-force hacking attacks. A firewall can be employed via a software programme (eg Windows Defense, or a third party security program) or through the installation of a specific piece of hardware (that also acts as a router). This will help protect your business from being compromised.

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