07/06/16 Antivirus – Are you properly protected?

Did you know, more than 6 million detected ransomware attack attempts were made in Q4 of 2015?
According to a recent report by the BBC, experts studying the malicious software have advised there are now more than 120 separate families of ransomware, and a 3,500% increase in the criminal use of net infrastructure that helps run ransomware campaigns. These attacks are growing at an alarming rate. This is something we should all be worried about, but especially if you are a small business.

Ransomware is a malicious software that scrambles the data on a victim’s PC and then asks for payment before restoring the data to its original state. The costs of unlocking data vary, with individuals typically paying a few hundred pounds and businesses a few thousand. Did you know that between April 2014 and June 2015 over 18 million dollars was paid to ransomware thieves? As you can imagine this is an expensive way of accessing data that is yours, in effect you are being held to ransom, in order to gain access to your data and your files. Under the ransomware umbrella you’ll also find Cryptolocker. It is a very similar virus to ransomware in that it asks you to pay a ransom to regain access to your files, but the difference is, you must pay it within a time limit, if you go past the time limit the ransom then increases.

According to Tomer Weingarten, founder of security company SentinelOne, “the spread of ransomware has also been aided by the tricks cyber-thieves use to avoid being detected by security software.” This is not good news, particularly for small businesses who may have limited funds to pay ransoms.

You need to think about:
– How damaging would this be if you lost all your data with no access to it for just one hour?
– How would your business cope if you couldn’t access your data for one day?
– How would your business run, if you lost all your data?

It’s amazing how we take access to our data for granted but, when something like this happens it could cripple your small business. But be aware, the FBI doesn’t actually support paying a ransom in response to a ransomware attack. FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director James Trainor said, “paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee an organisation that it will get its data back—we’ve seen cases where organisations never got a decryption key even though they paid the ransom”.

You’ll find that traditional antivirus products are not very effective in dealing with these types of attacks either but, there is good news, it has led to the development of premium business class antivirus products including:

– Endpoint Protection Plus – which protects all workstations and servers against threats and exploits that use unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in real time, without needing to install additional servers or IT infrastructure.

– and, Adaptive Defense 360 – the first cyber-security solution to combine the most effective traditional antivirus and the latest advanced protection technology with the ability to classify all running processes.

Both are high quality business class types of antivirus offered by e-mpower.it, we feel they are two of the best antivirus products in the market place and key in helping to stop ransomware from attacking your business.

One thing is certain; nobody wants their business to be a victim of ransomware. The only possible solution for you and your business is to purchase a high grade, premium antivirus product, the other alternative, which isn’t really one, is to avoid using the web and sending and opening emails in particular.

Don’t leave it too late, protect your business now. 

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