48% of UK businesses fail to backup
company data at least once a day.

Many small to medium sized businesses probably know they need to backup but aren’t. There’s also a high proportion of businesses that know they need IT Support to help them with their IT problems, but any issues are simply ignored.

Whether this is due to not having enough time, not knowing who to speak to, simply forgetting about their IT problems or maybe just not realising what needs to be done to keep their business safe in the cyber world. Whatever the reason, businesses are being put at risk all the time, failing to backup every day is one very real risk and one that isn’t often discovered until it’s too late.

In a recent trade report, almost 50% of British businesses were failing to backup their company data at least once a day. There are some businesses that do backup but, simply over-ride the previous days back up thinking they are genuinely protected from data loss. However, what happens if this backup becomes infected or corrupted?

It is key to not only backup your data on a daily basis but also ensure there is more than one copy of the backed up data, this reduces the risk to your business dramatically.

Just ask yourself these simple questions:

  • “If there was a systems failure how would I recover my data?”
  • “If my data was lost due to a virus – how would I get it back?”
  • “How long would it take for me to recover my data?”

These are all questions that will help you realise the importance of having a robust backup solution.

E-mpower.IT offers a range of simple yet effective backup options to suit your budget and protect your business. If you need help or guidance with backup or IT Support in general, give us a call and we can provide tailored support for you.

43% of companies never reopen following a major loss of business data?
Don’t be one of them.



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