State of the art Antivirus that wins Awards

As a partner of Panda Security, we are pleased to announce they won a major prize at the Computing Security Excellence Awards in London last month. Panda Security was appointed Best Solution against Advanced Persistent Threats. This is a fabulous achievement and gives further recognition that the IT products we offer businesses in Sussex and the south east, are reliable, fit for purpose and the best on the market.

It is apparent that the number of businesses attacked each year by computer viruses is increasing at alarming rates. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, over two thirds of small firms who thought they had suitable security in place, have been victims of cyber crime in the last two years. Many businesses are also attacked up to four times!

Businesses don’t always realise the importance of having an advanced antivirus solution actually designed for businesses, that is, until it’s too late. Add to that the increase in attacks by viruses such as Ransomware and Cryptolocker (where businesses are held to ransom to gain access to their own data) and you’ll see there is a genuine need for a robust, advanced antivirus solution that is one step ahead of the game.

E-mpower.IT are pleased to say we can provide Panda Security’s award winning antivirus solution – Adaptive Defense to your business. It is designed to work alongside existing security solutions and protect against Advanced Persistent Threats including Ransomware. Adaptive Defense is a high performance, dependable antivirus solution. It will protect your business and data from the increasing number of attacks being made on small businesses today.

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