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E-mpower.IT started as a traditional IT provider in 1997, with a focus on excellent customer service. We have been going ‘the extra mile’ for so long, we don’t consider it ‘extra’ anymore.

Something that our customers love, that’s why they stay with us for so long.

E-mpower.IT is still providing core IT services, but with the emergence of cloud computing the needs of the user have changed.

As a result E-mpower.Net provides a different approach to IT.

We listened to what our customers were saying. We understood what they wanted, and we gave it to them. This approach is at the very heart of everything we do.


We know you want a simplified way of buying products.

We understand you might want an alternative to a traditional monthly support contract, choosing to do some of your IT in house.

You might only need IT assistance when something really technical crops up, and you need that help quickly and without drama.

When you buy a new piece of software, or a cloud service, you know what you want from it, but are not sure which one to buy. There is so much choice and the options are so daunting!

We know this from listening to our customers and have built a solution. Carefully selecting a suite of products that fit their needs and putting in place a service that can respond exactly when they need it.

Each product is carefully selected to fit in with our core values.

At the forefront of everything we do is Simplicity. Not only the product or service but also how and where you buy it, how we support it and how we explain it all to you.

We are diligent in our testing. So before you see a product you can be sure it has been thoroughly tested, by us, in a challenging business environment. Each product is Reliable, and so is the team behind it.

You are a business owner, you need to be sure the tools you use are up to the job. No consumer level products make it through our selection process. The products we provide you are Professional, as is our delivery and support.

Cost effective and efficient products are two things we focus on. But above all else we ensure Value. Great value for money in all we do and all we provide but also the extra value of the information we share and the insights we give.