Are you one of the many businesses in Burgess Hill and Sussex that still runs its own email sever? Now might be the time to look for a new, smarter way to look after your emails using a cloud based email service. One that stores and manages your emails using the likes of Microsoft instead of a server. There are many benefits from moving to a cloud based email system including:

  • Reduced costs – Servers are often expensive to maintain and replace. First there are the running costs which
    can ramp up especially if you have an older, less efficient model. Then there’s costs incurred from software updates, network infrastructure and client access licenses. With cloud-based email you have predictable operating costs shown as a monthly fee per user, which allows for better budgeting and in most cases means lower costs overall
  • Security – As long as you have good basic security measures in place that are followed by your users (such as strong passwords), you’ll find cloud based email services are very secure with encrypted data. Cloud based systems offered by companies including Microsoft provide greater security with servers running on more networks that are more secure; and updated more frequently than email servers found in most corporate environments
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – many companies experience emails being deleted by accident. However, if there is a fire, flood or hardware failure, emails can often be irrecoverable. But with a good cloud-based service your emails are backed up across multiple physical servers. So if you do experience data loss, it’s not all doom and gloom – many cloud-based servers do not delete emails straight away. Tie this up with a hybrid NAS device and you’ll have double cover
  • Accessibility – It is often the case that email servers which are on the premises, work with an email client on a single PC, this tends to result in increased time and effort in accessing them. It is also common for the mail in each mailbox to be stored on the server or passed onto PC’s. This means the individual PC can only be accessed when and where the server is accessed; which may not be everywhere. With a cloud based email service you can connect to emails using a wide range of devices including phones and i-Pads, therefore you are not restricted to where the server is. You are also able to view and send emails easily
  • Increased Reliability – Email servers tend to be unreliable resulting in them needing much time and attention to manage, patch and secure them. When you are running a small business it’s difficult to find time to do this. With a cloud based system email is more reliable and needs very little attention once everything is in place. Plus, if you recruit an IT Support company they can assist with the switch-over and managing mailboxes and users
  • Expansion made easy – If you haven’t built your email server with the capability to grow with your company then you could reach maximum capacity sooner than you think, which means a hefty investment in a server to suit the size of your growing company. However, cloud based email systems are far more flexible. As your company grows new email addresses can be added easily, but, if you need to remove users this can be done quickly and reduces your costs since you only pay for what you need at any one time

The benefits are clear, switching to a cloud based email system not only saves time and money but, also gives you improved reliability and security, as well as greater flexibility for your business. Make the change today.