Cloud Services

Following the huge growth in the use of Cloud computing including data storage, email and sales tools, it’s time for your small business to embrace this rapidly growing area. E-mpower.IT offer Cloud services which will bring your resources together and enable your business to work more efficiently.

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Office 365

Why Office 365?

It offers secure access to professional email, shared calendars and contacts, collaboration on documents, online conferencing and instant messaging. It provides filters to protect users against spam and viruses to ensure your data is safe. E-mpower.IT also offer a support package based in the UK, which can be purchased with this product.

Hosted Exchange

Why Hosted Exchange?

This enables your emails to be accessible from any device, includes accessing emails from via your mobile phone or Smart phone. Discover new levels of reliability and performance to protect your communications. Hosted Exhange is similar to Office 365, but provided by a British company, offering the UK’s largest Exchange mailbox at 125GB. Two other huge advantages are:

  • Your data is stored in the UK, (unlike Office 365 which is based in America), and supported and operated by a UK-based team


  • You have complete control over your data and it’s security, the UK Government cannot access your data, with Office 365 the US Government can access any of your data

What type of antivirus?

Many think you can only get malware by downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software and visiting the wrong websites, true, but you can also get viruses by visiting websites you trust that have been compromised. This is becoming an ever increasing problem. Stop your PC’s from getting infected; install a high quality, effective security solution specifically for businesses, choose from:

  • Endpoint Protection Plus – antivirus for workstations and Exchange servers. Manage the security of your corporate network from the cloud, wherever you are. This antivirus provides centralised protection for your small business.


  • Adaptive Defense 360 – The very latest and first ever cyber-security solution to combine the most effective traditional antivirus and the latest advanced protection technology with the ability to classify all running processes. Offering a detection and response service that only allows legitimate programs to run.

What type of Backup

Ensure your data is safe, secure and protected from being deleted or destroyed whether it’s due to natural or human-induced disaster. Did you know 43% of companies never reopen following a major loss of business data? Don’t be one of them, choose from:

  • Off-site Backup – Also known as ‘remote storage’, ensures your vital data is backed up in a separate geographical location, this could be in another office or at a datacentre.


  • Hybrid Backup Solution – A perfect solution for those looking to backup data securely both on-site and in the cloud. It’s a low cost, low energy, space saving solution that’s much cheaper and a lot quieter than large servers.

What is monitoring?

24×7 Round-the-Clock monitoring checks. We remotely monitor your equipment; your critical systems. Whenever a problem is discovered it sends an email or SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem directly to us, so we can fix it fast and minimize your business disruption. offer:

  • Server Site Monitoring – provides regular frequent checks of your critical IT systems, and alerts our team so they can fix faults fast. 24×7 Round-the-Clock monitoring checks your servers critical systems every five or fifteen minutes at your option.

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