The top 7 reasons for data loss in the work place. Think you know? Read on


In reverse order….

  1. Fire accidents and explosions

Although a rare occurrence, both are likely to destroy not only your computer but, the data saved on it. Plus, there’s the added problem that many companies have backup in the same premises they operate from, if this is destroyed by fire it will be very hard to recover your business from such a disaster.

  1. Spilling coffee, and other water damages

With the continued growth of laptop usage, it’s becoming more and more common for computers to be damaged by spilt drinks. Most laptops don’t have extra covers to protect internal electrical components from getting soaked, resulting in them short circuiting. Needless to say recovery from drink spillages is a major problem, let alone flood damage. The latter will almost certainly ruin your hard drive as well and any data saved to it.

  1. Theft of computer

Not only do you lose your computer but also the data stored on it. There is always a danger that burglars will break into your business or your home, and of-course one of the top things they target to steal is electronic devices. However, there’s also the risk that your laptop can get stolen or lost when you’re out and about. New computers can easily be replaced but what about the data they hold?

  1. Power failures

These can affect your business in two ways:

  • If you are working on something that you may have spent a lot of time and effort on but not yet saved it, the power failure results in you losing all your work/data
  • If it affects the operation system or hardware of your computer, whereby the computer shuts down suddenly without proper shutdown procedures, this may cause problems with the rebooting of your operating system or result in a chain reaction to your system whereby you can no longer access your data

Also, sudden changes in voltage can damage many different computer parts including hard drives which are very sensitive to changes in voltage and strong magnetic fields.

  1. Mechanical damages of hard drive

Since there are so many moving parts inside hard drives, it’s no wonder that it is the most fragile part of a computer, and the part that breaks down more often than any other device connected to computing. If this gets damaged there’s a high chance your data will too.

  1. Viruses and damaging malware

Every day more and more viruses attack computers which pose serious risks, especially to small businesses. Many affect the operational software but the most dangerous attacks steal and damage business data such as client databases and financial data. For anyone who relies on data to keep their business running, this is a major threat.

And top of the leaderboard is…..

1. Human error by deleting files accidentally (or sometimes maliciously!)

The top risk of losing data is by deleting files or over-writing parts of files we didn’t intend to. This happens so often that many people don’t see it as a real risk, that’s until they realise they’ve lost their data and there are no backups available! Sometimes, it’s not always apparent that files have been deleted until a lot later and many cloud backup systems only allow access to data for the last 30 days.


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