Customer Satisfaction

E-mpower.IT pride ourselves in offering a very high standard of customer service, in-fact we often say that first and foremost, we are in the customer service industry. Whilst there are many IT Support providers out there, I wonder how many focus on customer service. E-mpower,IT believe it’s not just about fixing the job but offering the sort of customer service you would want and expect from an IT Support provider.

However, whilst we think we’re doing a good job, the real proof is to speak to your clients and find out what they think. That’s why in April 2017 we conducted a feedback survey. A high proportion of the questions were focused on service levels.

The results were collated and showed that e-mpower.IT scored well in key areas, which we believe are paramount to a client or potential client when working/choosing an IT Supporting provider.

Key results were:

  • Speed of service– 93% were very satisfied or extremely satisfied
  • Ability of e-mpower.IT to define and understand your needs clearly– Over 96% were very satisfied or extremely satisfied
  • Friendliness and courteousness of e-mpower.IT staff– 100% advised very satisfied or extremely satisfied
  • Rate how satisfied you are overall with e-mpower.IT– 100% rated very satisfied or extremely satisfied

For more details, please refer to our pie chart results below:

Switching IT Support provider isn’t as hard as you think. Contact e-mpower.IT today, email: sales@e-mpower.IT or call 01444 250404.