Complete Support

Complete Support from E-mpower is a fully managed support service with all the features of Office Support, plus pro-active management of all desktop pcs.

While the server, internet connectivity and network devices are critical to the operation of your business, workstation problems tend to inconvenience one user at a time. In real terms that means that we aim to prevent problems from occuring, rather than having to fix them after they have occured. Not only does this mean less downtime, inconvenience and cost for the your business, it also means that with fewer system failures, staff have more confidence in the IT system with a resulting benefit in staff morale.

What is included with Complete Support?

Complete Support is a combination of elements that provide you the client with the assurance that you have an ‘outsourced IT department’ at your command.

With that confidence behind you, you can get on doing what you do best without having to worry about the headache of managing your IT as well.

  • At the start of your contract, an engineer will visit your premises and carry out a full systems audit and enable all your pcs/servers with remote access capability.
  • Provide you with an easy to comprehend report on the strenghs and weaknesses of your IT system with suggestions for development over the coming year
  • Quarterly review meetings to discuss issues covered in the previous Quarter, and actions required over the coming Quarter.
  • A personal friendly relationship with your account manager/service support specialist who will endeavour to get to know you and your site, and the individuals that work there, so that we can better operate as part of your team.
  • Fast response Help Desk support to either answer your IT questions or to ‘dial-in’ to solve your problem
  • We carry out a start-of-day check on every workstation and make sure it’s in peak operating condition. If we find any problems we’ll take proactive corrective action, and fix it before a small problem inconveniences one of your employees
    • All Windows pcs/laptops are monitored on a daily basis to check for critical issues and spot those periodic workstation problems before they occur.
    • All pcs/laptops are checked to ensure the latest Microsoft critical updates, hot fixes, software patches, and Service Packs have been installed correctly reducing security risks and leading to greater machine stability.
    • All pcs/laptops are checked to ensure that the anti-virus/anti-adware/anti-trojan software is updating frequently and operating as it should
  • Dealing with a raft of suppliers when things go wrong can be a complete nightmare, expecially if they all deny responsibility for the problem We will take on the problem on your behalf, liaising with whoever we need to in order to get the problem solved, leaving you to get on and run your business.

How do you charge for Complete Support?

To ensure you only pay for the support you need, our charges are based on a ‘per unit’ basis, with a sliding scale discount structure based on the total amount of units covered. Our customers tell us we are not the cheapest provider, but our Absolute Service is second to none, and on the basis that you get what you pay for, we represent excellent value for money.

Whilst most problems can be solved through one of our engineers ‘dialing in’ to your systems remotely, there may be times when there is no alternative but to make an on-site visit. If an engineer needs to visit your location, we invoice actual time spent on site as well as additional time (up to a maximum of 1 hour) to cover travel and admin costs.