Modular Support

Modular Support from E-mpower provides a service to clients who want professional IT support without having to commit to a fully featured support contract.

That means the client only needs to pay for IT support when s/he needs it or in a way that better fits the cash flow profile of the business. The service provides great peace of mind for clients knowing that if their system fails them (often at a critical moment!) they can call on a trusted team of professionals that will do their utmost to get them up and running again.

Prepaid packs of minutes will give you full access to rapid response support, as and when you need it, through remote support or an on-site visit.

All the client has to do is purchase a prepaid minutes pack from our shop and then call us on 01444 250404 for support.

What does Modular Support cost?

The per minute fee structure is based on the following tariff (the more minutes purchased at any one time the cheaper the per minute cost) – all prices are excluding VAT.

Minutes Per Minute Rate
180–480 £1.65
481–2400 £1.55
2401+ £1.45

What about unused minutes?

Minutes will be deducted from the client account as they are used. Minutes are valid for a period of 12 months from purchase date, and once a pack of minutes has been purchased, there are no additional charges to pay until a top-up is required.

What if you can’t fix it remotely?

Whilst most problems can be solved through one of our engineers ‘dialing in’ remotely, there may be times when there is no alternative but to make an on-site visit. If an engineer is required onsite then minutes will be deducted for actual time spent on site as well as additional minutes deducted to cover travel and administration costs in accordance with the schedule below:

Response Time Travel/Admin Tariff

  • Same Day (4 Hours) 120 Minutes
  • Next Business Day + 60 Minutes