Network Support

Network Support from E-mpower monitors to ensure that your data is flowing to the correct places, and fault-finds to keep your business pcs connected.

Your IT network can be likened to the central nervous system of the body – a core element that allows all other elements to interconnect with each other and that controls the flow of information between those elements. As such it is an integral part of any IT system and plays a key role in allowing the system to function efficiently. It can be as simple as connecting a single pc to another pc increasing in complexity in a small medium sized business environment, several floors of pcs that need connecting to a server or servers.

The equipment involved is often overlooked when the question of IT support is raised, so we make a point of mentioning it here. E-mpower are pleased to offer excellent network support in Sussex, with satisfied clients across the South East.

What is included with Network Support?

Network support is actually an integral part of any of our support contracts. That is we will monitor the network to ensure that data is flowing to where it should as efficiently as possible. The degree of monitoring possible is more often than not determined by the nature of equipment installed on the client site – some equipment is specified with monitoring in mind.

Where possible fault-finding will be done remotely, but by its very nature, if the network is ‘down’ then it may not be possible to access key equipment remotely, in which case an on-site visit would be necessary with normal fee rates applying. Typical support situations would include:

  • A pc losing its connection to a network/server/internet.
  • Configuring a pc/laptop to connect to a wireless network.
  • Securing a wireless network to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Configuring a user pc to connect to the office network from a remote location.
  • Complete sections of an office losing connection to a server/internet.

How do you charge for Network Support?

Network support is an integral part of any of our IT Support contracts, and thus no additional fees are payable. In line with our other branded support offerings, while we make every endeavour to solve problems remotely (80% – 90%), but there are occassions when site visits are necessary. Our normal fee structure applies for site visits.