Reasons to Outsource your IT                     


Ever thought about outsourcing your IT?  Read on and discover why it’s a good idea to go external, not only are there cost saving advantages but you’ll understand a range of additional reasons as to why you should outsource your IT.  But, first you need to understand which category you fall into regarding your IT Support. From our experience and talking to lots of companies, e-mpower.IT have noticed there are many SME’s who look at IT Support in entirely different ways. How they view IT Support often falls into one the following categories:

  • They have a member of staff who deals with it in addition to their main role within the business
  • They have in-house staff specifically employed to look after IT, this can be an expensive option as salaries often range from £30 to £40k.
  • They don’t have anyone looking after IT, and just hope for the best
  • They take IT Support very seriously and employ an external company to deal with their IT Support requirements

So, why would you want to outsource your IT Support? There are a number of benefits from recruiting a quality IT specialist such as who provide both Managed IT Services and IT Support, these include:

  • Cost reduction – this can be split into several areas:
    • If you are paying a salary for someone to sit within your business day in, day out providing IT Support, it may actually be more cost effective to employ an IT Support company. You can then tailor your IT requirements and budgets to suit your needs. You also won’t have recruitment costs, training costs, desk space or need to provide any company benefits or an annual salary which can range from £30 to £40k (if not more)
    • If your IT Support is looked after by a staff member who does this in addition to their existing role, therefore they are not specialist in IT Support. How much is your business losing in terms of downtime and loss of productivity while your staff member tries to fix the problem in hand? Also, what happens if the staff member isn’t on hand to fix the problem? Also if they only do this as a side-line to their day job, then how focused are they on providing the right IT Support to suit your business?
    • If you have no IT Support (which is a high risk option), you’ll often find that calling in an IT Support company on an adhoc basis can be both expensive and time consuming – if they have clients with problems who are on contracts, they will deal with the contracted clients first before sorting our your IT problems which can mean a lengthy wait
    • Having no IT Support is putting your whole business at risk with cyber criminals on the rise your business is likely to be an easy target, how much money will you lose if your business cannot function?
  • IT Experts
    • By enlisting a specialist IT Support company your are dealing with experts who will be familiar with a wide spectrum of IT problems on a daily basis for a range of clients. They will often be able to fix problems much quicker than someone who doesn’t specialise in IT Support or who aren’t familiar with a wide spectrum of problems. Therefore, by using an IT specialist your downtime and costs are likely to be significantly reduced
  • Utilising the Latest Technology
    • IT is an industry that is constantly changing, how do you know if there is a new product or upgrade out there? Most IT providers are Partners of leading technology providers including: Microsoft, Dell and Sophos and privy to industry wide updates ensuring they are at the forefront of new IT developments and solutions for businesses
  • Antivirus Experts
    • With the likes of Malware and Ransomware on the increase, you will find that many IT Support companies offer business-grade antivirus solutions that work differently to the consumer solutions. Although these consumer antivirus is cheap and sometimes free, they aren’t actually designed for business use and are therefore high risk. Needless to say they don’t offer the protection that businesses require
  • Value Added Services
    • Whilst you may have someone looking after your PC’s when they go wrong, are they actively monitoring your PC’s? Providing adequate backup? Backup validation? Ensuring a disaster recovery plan is in place? There are a range of additional areas that also need to be considered when looking at your IT. By using an external IT Support company they will be familiar with IT Support as a whole and providing you with relevant solutions and systems to suit your business
  • Focus on your business
    • By recruiting an external IT provider it enables you to focus on your business thereby, freeing up your time and resources. Your IT provider is also available to offer expert advice on IT related issues
  • Additional Support
    • If you are happy keeping it in-house, don’t forget that IT Support companies can also be recruited to provide additional resource when you need it, for example: when your staff member is on annual leave or even off sick

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