E-mpower.IT prides itself in offering quality, award winning antivirus protection. However, many businesses don’t always see the benefit of paying for a product specifically designed for business users and opt for free ones instead. They may well save a few pounds in the short-term but, are likely to instantly regret it when they become a victim of cybercrime. Some of the better know virus attacks include: Wannacry, CrypotoLocker, Lockey and CryptoWall. 

Following the recent WannaCry outbreak (a Ransomware virus which locks your PC and prevents you from accessing your files unless a release fee is paid), it was recorded over 400,000 machines were infected. 98% of victims were using Windows 7 and more than $300 per user was paid as a release fee.  However, even if  you pay the cybercriminals, there is no guarantee you will regain access to your PC and files. A recent report in the USA also found that downtime from ransomware cost small businesses around $8,500 an hour.

The good news is WannaCry didn’t affect any e-mpower.IT clients. They were protected by the next-gen, award winning Adaptive Defense 360 antivirus software. Our customers were actually safe-guarded against WannaCry before its release as the next-gen antivirus works in a completely different way to most antivirus products. Meanwhile companies using traditional antivirus had to wait for a security update and risked infection, a scary situation for any business to be in.

Whilst there aren’t many things guaranteed in life, another virus attack is a dead cert. Attacks are on the increase, both in terms of frequency and the numbers of attacks being made. Cybercriminals will replicate this attack using new zero-day malware variants targeting unpatched vulnerabilities. Many small businesses think they are too small for ransomware attacks, this definitely isn’t the case. These are the ones lacking an IT expert whether it be internal or external and, these are the businesses that are quickly becoming prime targets for the cybercriminals. Protect your business today, speak to e-mpower.IT

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