PC slow after Windows Anniversary Update?

After the recent Windows 10 anniversary update we have noticed that a few clients are having issues with the speed of their PC’s. More specifically the disk activity is peaking at 100% and is staying there causing problems with opening applications or even saving small files such as word documents.

We have found that turning off the Windows tips notifications drops the usage from 100% down to around 10% (depending on what you are running after the change). This will of course speed up your PC and the change is easy to make:

  • From the Windows menu, go to settings, and then to System, before clicking the Notifications and Actions tab.
  • From here you can turn off the notifications from all, some or, just “Get tips, trick, and suggestions as you use Windows.

Windows Notifications

After you have selected your choices you should see the disk activity start to drop in about 1-2 minutes.

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