Keeping your email secure (and not just from viruses)

E-mail still ranks as one of the most used communication tools and not just within the business world. However, it still is competing with the likes of Facebook, twitter and Snapchat when it comes to getting read.

Long gone are the days of “you’ve got mail” dings and pops, where you would eagerly await the email program to open and you would read every word. Sadly, we now receive hundreds of emails from family members, competitions, notifications from social media and general spam, all of which will normally be bulk deleted until the next batch arrive.

There are ways to clean up your email and even services that will help you manage the spam before it even hits your inbox. Some come bundled in the form of spam filters. These however, are sometimes beyond the control of the end user, and are set by your email provider such as BT or Yahoo.

If you have a Hosted Exchange, your provider may give you access to extra email security settings where you can blacklist email addresses or whole domains if you wish.

Then there are third party offerings such as, which will helps keep spam out of your Google, Yahoo,, iCloud and AOL accounts with a couple of clicks after sign up.

Tips to keep the spam at bay:

  1. Avoid posting your email on any social media profiles or posts. Ensure your privacy settings are set not everyone can see it.
  2. If you have a personal blog or website, don’t put your email as text. Add a contact form for people to contact you. As spammers use scrapers to pull your emails down to send to later.
  3. If you are going to enter competitions or online prize draws, set up a second email address to be used for this purpose only.
  4. Don’t open attachments from spam as this will probably lead to more spam or worse.
  5. If you do receive spam, simply delete it. Do not click on the unsubscribe link / button as this will confirm they have a live email address and may result in you receiving more email spam from them.

Unfortunately, spam is part of our daily lives but with the tips above and getting email to work smarter, hopefully you will have a cleaner inbox within a matter of weeks!

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