Making sure losing your phone is the only issue to deal with.

locked-iphoneWith the introduction of Find my Phone in iOS7, keeping an eye on your iphone if it went missing became a little (not a lot though) less stressful as there was a slim chance it could be recovered. Not only that, but you were able to lock it, so if anyone did find it, your phone would be useless for them unless they knew your iCloud details.

However, if you now lose your iphone you can edit the ‘lock setting’ via iCloud to “if lost call xxxxxx” screen. Then, if you are lucky, after a few days you will receive a message to your standin phone reporting that it has been found. The message reports all you need to do is ‘click the link’ to see the location.

Unfortunately, with every update, there are some phone criminals who will take extra steps to try and unlock your phone in order to access your details, or use your phone to rack up a huge bill. These criminals are getting cleverer……so when you click to ‘see the location’, the iCloud page pops up, you enter your details and then….nothing. That is because the link was not to but a phishing site URL such as and now the thief has your details!


What can you do to avoid falling into this trap?

• If contacted, check that the link is in both the message link and the webpage address when opened
• If not, close the page immediately
• Go to login and go to find my phone, you will then have the option to ‘wipe your device’ – this is a last resort but it does mean no one can access your data

It’s annoying when you lose your phone, but please be aware of any scams like the one above when trying to retrieve it. Losing your mobile is one thing, but giving someone access to your iphone account details and your phone is a nightmare – be careful.

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