Running an MOT on your Home PC

Slow to load windows? Taking ages to switch between programs? Spinning wheel of doom displaying? Do these sound familiar?

If so, your personal PC may need a spring clean, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. There are thousands of applications that promise home users that they will clean your PC back to when you unboxed it and booted it up for the first time. Optimisations, defragging and compressing are the norm on the adverts you may see when searching for these programs.

However, be careful, more and more websites are popping up at the top of search results and when you click on them you get bombarded with green, red and blue buttons all with ‘download’ written on them. This trick is used by such websites to make you download the wrong file and, sometimes install software that has nothing to do with the reason you visited the site in the first place! These are sometimes referred to as ‘bloatware’, and most of the time will cause your home PC to become even slower – or worse, let in unwanted programs.

So, here’s our guide to running an MOT on your personal PC by using just a couple of programs (direct links have been included to make it easier for you).


Piriform have created a selection of tools to help fight against the slow down on your home PC, the main one being CCleaner. This software (the free version); once installed, will allow you to run clean-ups on your personal PC from file and folder level to cleaning the registry as well.

The main areas it will clean up are temporary internet files (across browsers if you use more than one), windows temporary files, history, cookies and system memory dumps to name a few. Once you choose your selection of what you would like cleaned up, click ‘Analyse’ and wait for the report, then simply click on ‘Run Cleaner’ and away it goes. The first time you do this, it may take a while to analyse so you’ll have to be patient.

Another aspect of CCleaner is that it can help with the running of your home PC using the Registry option. This report and clean-up will check for a whole array of elements to clean up including failed uninstallations and broken settings which can lead to your PC crashing. When running this, you will be asked if you would like to back up the Registry, this is recommended just to be on the safe side.


Every now and again an install may have installed some bloatware and on even rarer occasions, installed some software that can hi-jack your search page or add adverts to every page.

Malwarebytes is a lightweight anti-malware software tool that installs in moments and comes with 14 days of anti-malware and anti-spyware scanning, anti-rootkit and real time protection. This is a great tool if you suspect there is something untoward on your home PC and takes about 15-20 mins on average to run a full scan.

So there you have a couple of small but free downloads that will help the home user give their PC the once over. Your home PC should be running quicker within hour or so of installing them. However, there could be other factors with your PC running slow, including: the age of your PC. Also, it may just be a case of running any updates that are pending and also checking with your manufacturer to see if there are any new drivers for your hardware. However, if you need help with PC’s in the work place drop us a line and, we’ll find a solution for you.

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