Spoilers, spoilers everywhere…

As we move into Walker season (also known as The Walking Dead) or, if you are a regular viewer of soaps or any other dramas for that matter, there is something viewers dread more than a 6 month cliffhanger….spoilers.

Spoilers are nothing new, from “he was Luke Skywalker’s father all along” to “he was dead all this time.” However, there are ways to fight back, you could stay off social media for a day or two until you’ve caught up with the latest episode of your show, or you can use technology to stop these spoilers coming up.

I for one use chrome mainly as my browser of choice, and there is an extension that I have downloaded that will block ‘headlines and feeds about your favourite shows’ from coming up on your PC’s – and it’s free to use.


The way it works is really simple, after installing it you then add the title of the shows that you want to block spoilers for, once added click on the blue ‘unspoil’ button.  Then, if a page loads featuring one of these programs, you will get a red box covering any spoiler posts relating to it (even in Facebook and Twitter). However, if the temptation is too great, and you really want to find out what’s going to happen, there is an option to ‘show the spoiler’

So say goodbye to spoilers, and install this link onto your PC


However, please remember this download does not work on your phone. So bear that in mind if you venture onto social media using your phone after the latest episode has aired.


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