Windows 10 now shares update data via peer-to-peer

Windows 10 does have some great new features and also a few that may not be entirely necessary. One such addition, is the option to share windows update files via peer-to-peer networks between your local PC and other PC’s using the internet.

The reason Microsoft did this; is to balance the release and download speeds of updates, as people who already have them will ‘seed’ (also known as share) updates to those who don’t. This is fine on a local network but if you have a capped data limit on your internet connection, like many home users, this could eat into your internet usage.

You can stop this from happening by following these simple steps:

  • From your start menu click ‘Settings‘, a window will appear, then click the ‘Update & security‘ icon
  • Click on ‘Advanced options‘ at the bottom of the Windows Update pane
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this pane again and select ‘Choose how updates are delivered
  • Select the option you prefer under ‘Updates from more than one place‘ . By default it is set to ‘On‘, but there are two other options ‘Off‘ and ‘PCs on my local network

If you select ‘Off’  this disables the ‘peer-to-peer’ update feature entirely. Updates will only be downloaded onto your PC and not shared anywhere or to anyone else.

If you select ‘PCs on my local network’ – you will only share files (updates) to PC’s on your local network, meaning lesser bandwidth will be used to download future updates, resulting in a reduction in your internet usage compared to when the default was set to ‘On‘.

  • Once you have selected your option, you can finish by closing ‘Settings


We hope you have found this useful and please feel free to check out our other quick tips.

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