How much is IT costing you in downtime?

Did you know a recent survey carried out by staffing firm Robert Half Technology (NYSE: RHI) showed workers lose an average of two weeks per year of productive work time dealing with technology issues. If you multiply that figure by your number of staff, you’ll see it soon stacks up, especially when you look at in monetary terms.

However, many business owners are completely unaware of this and have little concept of the number of hours lost spent trying to fix IT problems. The vast majority of IT related problems can massively eat into your working day without you even knowing!

What can you do to reduce your down time?

Many companies often find they suffer from a variety of issues including: printer problems, connectivity issues and email errors; there’s also the problem of staff getting impatient when IT goes wrong which can also impact on staff morale.

Some companies will muddle through and try and sort it out for themselves. This often results in enlisting another member of staff who deals with IT problems (in addition to their day job), but the IT problem then impacts on the productivity of two members of staff as opposed to one. However, other companies see the value in outsourcing IT. They’ll enlist a professional IT Support company such as e-mpower.IT, to manage their IT and provide the appropriate and relevant IT Support for their business. There’s also another option; employed by some of the larger companies, they have both an outsourced IT company, as well as someone internal who can help with IT onsite. This option allows them to have the best of both worlds.

At e-mpower.IT, we pride ourselves in offering great customer service and look to provide IT Services and IT Support to companies in Sussex, London and the South East. It’s important for e-mpower.IT to be able to offer reliable, dependable service in a timely manner. We realise that when things go wrong on the IT front; it can be very frustrating and demotivating!

Using an external IT Support company not only ensures day-to-day IT maintenance and other requirements are dealt with but there’s also additional benefits we can offer, including:

  • Safeguarding against the ongoing threats of viruses particularly Ransomware
  • Ensuring companies are kept abreast of new technology like Cloud and Office 365, to enable businesses to run more efficiently and utilize emerging technology
  • Utilising robust backup solutions as part of a disaster recovery plan
  • Ensuring the necessary IT systems are in place to match any future growth plans

Also, another big advantage is that if you are using an IT Support company they’ll be used to regularly dealing with a wide range of IT problems on a daily basis; from a varied client base. This creates a strong foundation of experience and expertise to draw upon; enabling us to solve your IT queries in an efficient and timely manner. Ultimately resulting in reduced down time, lower costs for the business and, happier staff all round.

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