Most businesses have heard of Ransomware and the issues that come with it. And hopefully, provisions will have been put in place to ensure they don’t become a victim of this sort of crime. However, there’s a massive new threat that many companies may not have heard of; but soon will. E-mpower.IT wanted to tell you before you become targeted. The name is ‘Business Email Compromise’ also known as ‘BEC’. Currently it’s the most lucrative and profitable method to extract large amounts of money from businesses. As it’s fairly new, it’s yet to hit the headlines although, as a quality IT Support company we are aware of BEC and have already come across clients that were targeted by BEC, however, It won’t be long before all companies are aware of it.

BEC involves an email, sometimes using ‘spoofing’ so it looks like an email is from a colleague/co-worker when it actually isn’t. The emails target financial employees who can send funds by bank transfer. The criminals have often done their research on both the company hierarchy and its employees using a range of tools such as:company websites and social media including linked-in. This enables them to piece together the likely chain of command. Typically, the message will look like it’s sent from the CEO or someone of a similar position asking the recipient to bank transfer money to a business associate or a fictitious client. The email will often express some urgency which encourages the recipient to act quickly, resulting in money usually being transferred into a foreign or domestic bank account owned by the cyber criminals.

BEC scams started by targeting large corporations, both Facebook and Google have been victims of such crime. However, now the criminals are widening their nets to include small to medium sized companies. The beauty of this scam for the criminals, is that the messages don’t contain malware or suspect links and therefore, aren’t picked up by advanced antivirus, they rely on human error.  To understand just how major the threat of Business Email Compromise is, in the USA alone, from October 2013 and December 2016 $5.3 billion was stolen due to BEC fraud v’s $1 billion from ransomware fraud in 2016.

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