When was the last time you did some housekeeping on your home computer? –      

Maybe now is a good time. E-mpower.IT strive to offer only the best level of service by providing high quality Managed IT Services and IT Support to our clients and their businesses but, we thought we’d also share a few housekeeping tips to help you with your PC’s at home. Many of us tend to overlook the home computer or just don’t have the time to think about what needs to be done. These tips will enable you to  help your home PC’s run smarter and faster. Even if you only choose a couple, it’s a start!

  • Backup your data – if something happens to your hard drive and you lose all personal data including photographs; how would you feel? Ensure you get into the habit of backing up regularly to the Cloud, onto a CD or USB stick to protect yourself if the worst happens
  • Check the c:/windows/Temp directory is not filling up and delete your temporary files, browser cache & trash – These files take up space, and will slow down file access. There are several free programs to help with this, including CCleaner (ccleaner.com)
  • Empty your recycle bin, this is often forgotten about but why keep deleted files allowing them to take up space on your hard drive when you don’t need them?
  • Patch your Operating System – Often if there is a threat Microsoft will draw attention to these and issue a security update. Usually Microsoft will automatically do this for you but, if you want to make sure your PC is fully up to date visit https://support.microsoft.com It will also show you how to turn on automatic updates (if they aren’t on already)
  • Ensure you have antivirus in place to protect your PC, you can also improve the effectiveness of antivirus software if you schedule your virus scans. This enables scans to be carried out automatically on a regular basis rather than you having to remember to do this
  • Clean the case, keys and display of your PC – dirt and dust build up in or around your PC can clog up fans and air intake causing your PC to overheat which may lower its expected lifespan
  • Delete SPAM – wherever you can make sure you delete SPAM from your PC as soon as it arrives. SPAM email is the main carrier of malicious files or viruses as well as taking up space on your hard drive
  • Manage your files – This includes deleting files and uninstalling any software that you no longer need. Also ensuring your files such as letters, photos, music etc, are in some sort of logical order and labelled correctly to ensure they can be located quickly and easily

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