WordPress websites currently make up one third of all sites on the internet, that is a huge number of site that need constant patching and updating. Without the updates exploits can be run that can not only cripple your site, stop you logging in, but it can also access data such as passwords and the like.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are programs that will allow you to auto update to the latest version, stop access or attacks by blocking IP addresses from unknown sources. This coupled with strong passwords and even two-form factor authentication can keep your site safe.

So here are our top tips for keeping your WordPress site safe:

1.       Strong passwords for all users – not just admin

2.       Update WordPress to the latest version when available

3.       Update and check plugins for updates – if a plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, check if an alternative is available in case it can be exploited

4.       Make and keep daily offsite backups of your site just in case the worse does happen

5.       If you allow comments on your posts, check these before allowing them to appear as scam links often appear

6.       Look into two form authentication as a viable option for security.


We hope you found these tips useful, but if you still have questions and would like to discuss security please call us in the office on 01444 250404.